Dispute resolution

Expert solicitors

It is an unfortunate fact of life that even the most cautious of people can become involved in legal disputes with other individuals or businesses, through no fault of their own.

Whether you need to make a claim against another person to enforce your legal rights, or defend a claim made against you, being a part of the Metamorph group allows us to help supply the knowledge and experience in a wide range of legal disputes to provide you with sound legal and practical advice.

Fighting your corner

Beeton-Edwards is part of the Metamorph group, which means we can now offer our clients access to litigation services. Whether your dispute is with a private individual or a business, our dispute resolution solicitors are here to help.

We can also draw on the legal expertise of colleagues in specialist areas of law, which sometimes overlap. This provides our Dispute Resolution team with an even greater ability to handle all types of disputes and enables us to provide all manner of private legal services to fit the needs of you and your family.